Senior Couple Moving House

Downsizing Is the Big New Home Trend

There’s a new trend in lifestyles in 2020. People of all ages are enthusiastic about downsizing. They’re feeling a real desire to downscale, declutter and simplify possessions and furnishings.

The reasons are numerous. New home designs are getting smaller, and more seniors are reporting they would consider selling their more spacious homes and renting a smaller apartment.

Economic Factors

There’s also the economic factor of keeping up a house. Taxes, insurance, maintenance, and utility bills are not growing smaller. People want to cut down on their actual cost of living.

In addition, there’s a growing need for more personal time. Time is a precious commodity, and people across all age ranges are reclaiming it. They want to spend more moments with family and friends and enjoy their lives.

Ageless Concept

Finally, the whole idea of even owning a home as part of the American Dream is being challenged. Research from The Washington Post shows there’s a greater sense of mobility in both millennials and seniors. Owning a home with a mortgage and remaining in a fixed place is not as popular as it once was. Baby boomers are embracing the need to travel.

Living Simply

Gaining considerable momentum is the desire to live simply. Decluttering has become so popular, magazines and books addressing the behavior are in abundance. Seniors are embracing the concept and feeling that less might actually be more.

senior living downsizing

Premier senior living communities are designed today so you can downsize without compromise. Apartment residences are created to suit your personal needs and accommodate your sense of style. The accommodations are complemented by a full range of amenities and common areas to extend your living and showcase entertaining family and friends. With such stellar amenities as a fitness center, pool, multiple dining venues, convenience store, and library, you can enjoy everything a downsizer could want right at your doorstep.

maintenance-free living

It feels good to leave the lawnmower, snow shovel, and wheelbarrow behind. Senior living communities feature a variety of valuable services to keep the interior and exterior of residences in tip-top shape. From bi-weekly housekeeping and linen service to scheduled transportation, you can even get rid of your car when you choose the right senior living community.

Visit a Tutera senior living community to see how our trained move-in coordinators can assist you with your transition to one of our communities.