An elderly man wearing a straw hat, glasses, and a purple shirt is holding a young girl with long hair who is waving. They are standing outdoors with green foliage and yellow flowers in the background, and the sun is shining through the trees.

Timeless Ties: The Value of Intergenerational Relationships 

Posted on September 19, 2023

Intergenerational relationships are friendships and familial dynamics that bridge numerous decades, and they hold a…

A young woman and an elderly woman sit on a couch, embracing and smiling at each other. The elderly woman has short white hair and wears a floral scarf, while the young woman has long brown hair and wears a black top. They appear to be in a cozy indoor setting.

What Does it Mean to Have Power of Attorney for a Parent?

Posted on December 8, 2021

For caregivers, seniors and family members, the aging process brings up new questions and ways…

Three generations of women smile warmly for the camera. A young girl with curly hair and a red dress sits on her grandmother's lap. The grandmother has short, curly gray hair and wears a light blue top. The mother, with curly hair, wears a pink shirt.

Simple Tips for Protecting Your Elderly Parents’ Assets

Posted on June 9, 2021

Your parents may have reached an age where they need help with their finances. You…

A young woman helps an elderly woman button her white shirt. The elderly woman, with short gray hair, smiles warmly while sitting on a couch in a bright, cozy room. The young woman has blonde hair and focuses on fastening the buttons.

Valuing the Contributions of Family Caregivers

Posted on May 18, 2020

One of the many reasons people begin to search for senior living options outside their…

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