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Creative Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

As we age, the needs and abilities of our minds and bodies change. While our activities may look different than they did in our teens or 20s, it is more important than ever to remain engaged, social and physically active in our senior years. Remaining socially active can reduce the risk for mental health issues, such as depression and Alzheimer’s disease. An active brain is a healthy brain! All brain interaction helps to reduce cognitive decline and can contribute to improved physical health. Staying physically active as a senior is also important. Reduced activity puts seniors at a higher risk for health problems like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease.

When a senior is faced with limited mobility, is in a wheelchair or is bedridden, it can be especially difficult to maintain social and physical engagement. However, there are many activities for seniors with limited mobility that will help keep the mind and body sharp, while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle.

Activities for Seniors with Limited Mobility

In our senior years, people tend to experience limited mobility for a variety of reasons, including suffering an injury or medical conditions like arthritis and strokes. Before helping a senior loved one begin any exercise or activity regimen, it is important to assess the senior’s level of health and ability. Once you are ready, here are some ideas for activities for seniors with limited mobility:

  • Start a book club with virtual or in-person meetings
  • Establish regular card games with family or friends
  • Maintain an exercise routine with activities like walking, water aerobics, weight lifting and stretching
  • Engage in brain games, such as doing puzzles or Sudoku
  • Spend time with family
  • Plant a garden or care for indoor plants

Activities for Seniors in a Wheelchair

There are a wide variety of things you can do in a wheelchair that will keep your loved ones active and socially engaged. Time outside is critically important for everyone and there are a number of ways to incorporate outdoor entertainment, exercise and socially time. Here are a few ideas for activities care providers can do with wheelchair-bound seniors.

  • Yard games, such as horseshoes or washers
  • Fishing or birdwatching
  • Walks to explore new areas
  • Chess, checkers or other board games
  • Charity work or volunteering
  • Crafting or creating photobooks

Activities for Bedridden Seniors

For seniors who are limited to their beds for their health and/or safety, it is also important to remain active and engaged. With the limited opportunity for movement or change of surroundings, coming up with activities can be difficult. To help you get started, here are a few activities for bed bound seniors:

  • Reading books or listening to audiobooks/podcasts
  • Telling stories
  • Watching movies or television shows
  • Playing board games, card games or doing puzzles
  • Writing letters or poetry
  • Video chatting with friends and family

The Importance of an Active Lifestyle

The needs of our senior loved ones do change through the years. While activity level and engagement are crucial to overall health and happiness, there are many other aspects to consider. Tutera has the expertise and resources to support you and your family as you explore options for health care and living options. Call 877-988-8372 to discuss the services Tutera offers and for a free financial assessment, or visit our website to learn more.