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How Does Hospice Work in Assisted Living?

If you are considering housing options for a senior loved one, the choices can be overwhelming. There are many facility types to consider and services to understand, and you are often dealing with a moving target. As you age, your health needs change and your abilities can be impacted. So, housing arrangements that work in your 60s may not be adequate in your 80s. With all these details to consider, you likely have questions. How do you choose between senior living communities? How do you know when a senior should no longer live at home? Is hospice care offered to those who reside in nursing homes?

Hospice can be an incredible support for seniors and their families by helping to meet both physical and emotional needs. It is helpful to understand the role hospice can play in end-of-life care, as well as where these services are available, as you consider options for living arrangements.

What is the Difference Between Hospice and Assisted Living?

In your golden years, some needs increase gradually over time, while others become serious concerns almost overnight. In order to meet these needs, it is vital to have access to the appropriate type of care services. Here are deeper explanations of two of the most common types of senior care – hospice and assisted living:

Hospice Care

This type of care may be the right choice for seniors who face terminal illness. Hospice care focuses on providing quality pain relief, as well as spiritual and emotional support. So, does Medicare pay for hospice in assisted living? The cost of hospice care can be covered partly or completely by private insurance plans, Medicare and/or Medicaid. Hospice teams often include therapists, counselors, nurses and doctors. This care can be provided in the patient’s home, and it is also available at care facilities, including nursing homes, hospitals and dedicated hospice centers.

Some specific care services provided by hospice are:

  • Nursing services
  • Medication management
  • Pain relief
  • Emotional support for the patient
  • Therapy for speech, memory, movement and more
  • Counsel on spiritual beliefs
  • Support and education for family members

Assisted Living

While assisted living facilities provide many of the same services as hospice care, assisted living is designed for seniors who are in overall good health. Medicaid may cover some assisted living expenses. Some services frequently offered in an assisted living environment include:

  • Assistance with pet care
  • Professional security
  • Transportation
  • Hygiene tasks
  • Getting dressed and undressed
  • Preparing meals
  • Medication management
  • Making and managing appointments
  • Social activities
  • Physical exercise

Tutera Senior Living & Health Care offers several communities – including Wesley Court Assisted Living and Country Gardens Assisted Living – that are designed to support both comfort and independence. Our state-of-the-art facilities provide on-site licensed and certified nursing staff, medication management, mobility support, help with activities of daily living and individualized care plans.

How Does Hospice Work in Assisted Living?

So, if the two are different services, how does hospice work in assisted living? While end-of-life care is very different from general medical and care services, the two are complementary.

Most states (with the exception of Montana, Mississippi, Idaho and North Dakota) allow an option for seniors to receive hospice care within the assisted living facility of their choice. There are many benefits to receiving hospice care in an assisted living setting: residents have the opportunity to spend their final days or weeks in a familiar setting, and they have an interdisciplinary team working together to create an organized care plan.

Finding Comfort and Care

Residents of Tutera communities enjoy flowering gardens, yoga and fitness studios, and nutritious, delicious meals. Our communities are designed to keep you comfortable and safe, while creating opportunities for fun, family time and social gatherings. The medical care teams at Tutera communities understand that each resident has unique needs and challenges, and we are ready to create and manage a care plan specifically for you.

Contact us today to learn more about Tutera communities or to schedule a tour at a location near you!

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