Female nurse helping senior female patient to stand with walker

What is Assisted Living

Assisted living was a new idea thirty years ago when Tutera began providing senior care and senior living options. Now, it’s the most popular and fastest-growing form of senior care. Assisted living provides residential care with dignity, privacy, and choice — it’s a philosophy as much as a system. Assisted living focuses on the individual needs and preferences of residents, and encourages family members to participate in the lives of their loved ones.

Assisted living is for people who want to maintain their independence but need support with some aspects of daily life. While each senior living facility may offer different services and amenities, these are some of the types of assistance an assisted living facility is likely to provide:

  • 24-hour security
  • help with bathing, dressing, toileting, and other kinds of basic care
  • mobility help
  • medication management
  • regular meals
  • transportation
  • help with making phone calls
  • laundry and housekeeping
  • hairdressing and barbering
  • exercise and recreation support
  • medical assistance when needed

Trained helpers provide these services in assisted living facilities. Often, family members find it physically difficult to help their loved ones with these tasks, or cannot provide the level of availability elderly parents need. In some cases, a spouse may not have the necessary physical strength, or the person needing care may live at a distance from relatives and prefer not to move to a new part of the country.

Sometimes physical strength and ability is not the primary concern. For example, an elderly relative may have trouble remembering to take needed medications. Some older people lose interest in meals and don’t take the trouble to cook for themselves, endangering their health. Others may forget to turn off the stove or may stop getting a health amount of exercise because they’re nervous about injuries.

Assisted living provides a practical solution in all these situations. Assisted living facilities allow seniors to continue their independent lives, making their own decisions and maintaining their independence while receiving the support and care they need.

Tutera assisted living facilities offer independence and freedom of choice to individuals who need support in their daily lives. Visit a Tutera assisted living facility near you to see firsthand how this philosophy extends the options of seniors.