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How to Choose a Senior Living Community

Planning ahead is always a safe strategy. Not only does looking ahead and creating a well-thought-out strategy reduce stress levels, but it also increases overall productivity and increases the chance for successfully achieving goals.

When it comes to retirement planning, looking ahead can make the process much easier and much more successful! Investing and saving early can give older adults more time and potential to grow a nest egg. Starting early also helps in other areas of retirement planning. Considering that someone turning 65 today has almost a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services, it is important to understand the options for senior care and make a plan early.

There is no time like the present to begin exploring senior care and learning about senior living services. Older adults who know what they want their future to look like are more likely to build a retirement life they love!

Choosing a Senior Living Community

With so many new opportunities and choices, retirement can be an exciting time of transition. For older adults or families with loved ones entering their golden years, it is common to begin considering senior care services and senior living communities. Even if the need is several years away, it is helpful to understand what options exist and where a loved one would be most comfortable. With so many senior care options available, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. However, finding the right fit is the key to building the best possible retirement life. Here are some of the most common factors families consider when choosing a senior living community:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Levels of care available
  • Amenities
  • Available living quarters
  • Health care services

While each point on this list is important, it is critical for families to understand the level of senior care needed before choosing a senior living community. The level of care refers to the amount of support and health care needed by an individual. Different senior living communities offer different levels of care, and some communities allow residents to transition between levels of care as needed. The basic levels of care within senior living communities are:

Independent Living

Independent living communities are designed for adults age 55 and older who do not need help with the activities of daily living. These senior care communities offer a fun living environment with many on-site amenities and socialization opportunities. Although each independent living community is different, they are most commonly set up as apartment homes with access to central resources, such as dining, entertainment and fitness facilities.

Assisted Living

Assisted living is an excellent option for older adults who want the support of a senior living community and who require assistance with the activities of daily living. Common services at assisted living communities include housekeeping, meal services, personal hygiene, medication management and transportation.

Memory Care

For those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, memory care offers a safe living solution. Memory care communities are specifically designed to create a safe, secure and calming senior care environment to give peace of mind to both residents and their families. Staff members are trained in the physical, behavioral and cognitive symptoms of cognitive impairment.

Rehabilitation and Extended Stay

Similar to assisted living and memory care communities, rehabilitation and extended stay communities enrich their residents’ lives while maintaining a focus on recovery and overall wellness. These communities provide 24-hour nurse supervision, meals, activities, wellness programming and health management support to post-surgery and post-hospital residents. In collaboration with the patients’ physicians, an individual care plan is developed to ensure optimal health. In addition, many rehabilitation and extended stay communities have therapy gyms.

Understanding Senior Lifestyles

Once items like location and levels of care have been researched and discussed, it is time to consider the day-to-day aspects of life in a senior living community. The culture of the senior living community helps to create the feeling behind each day and drives the type of residents who choose to live there. Here are some things to look into when considering a senior living community’s culture:


There are many common services available at most senior living communities. In general, the services are designed to make life easier for residents. Many of the most often offered services include on-site dining, laundry, transportation and housekeeping. Additional senior care services, such as medication management and on-site therapies, can also be available for those in need.


Because amenities vary between senior living communities, it is important to understand what is offered in each community. Each senior will have different opinions on which amenities are most impressive. Some older adults want to spend their days in a senior living community with a pool, fitness center and vast outdoor walking areas. For others, libraries, game rooms and movie theaters will top the list!


The daily programming at a senior living community includes the activities, classes and entertainment available to residents each month. Many senior living communities offer a wide variety of programs, so it is helpful to take a look at the calendar of offerings and make sure there are programs that align with personal interests. Ranging from educational activities to trivia nights, fitness classes to art classes and everything in between, there are many options and potential residents should make sure their hobbies and interests are represented!

In addition to the offerings, activities and amenities, it is important to understand how committed the senior living community is to creating an individualized experience tailored to each resident.

About Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

At Tutera Senior Living & Health Care, we understand that senior care has evolved away from the one-size-fits-all model. Savvy older adults want more control over their lives and are demanding convenience and choice. That’s why the Tutera philosophy is to create a lifestyle completely customized to each individual’s needs.

It starts by asking a lot of questions when residents first move to one of our communities. We then aim to suit each individual’s style and needs and encourage aspirations. Our resident’s needs are at the heart of whatever we do. We call this our YOUNITE philosophy. We’re united for you – the individual – and your best interests.

You’ll find every Tutera senior living community is expertly equipped to meet the physical problems of old age while enhancing a resident’s sense of independence. Our YOUNITE philosophy promises it’s your life, and your preferences come first. We will:

  • Empower you to direct and control your daily living
  • Encourage your continued personal growth
  • Enable your healthy-as-possible outcomes

Full-service housekeeping and maintenance, plus linen service within our senior living communities help you remain carefree and content while concierge services arrange for grocery, product and prescription delivery on your behalf.

From fitness equipment adapted to seniors’ mobility and physical needs, to nutritious meals and relevant educational programs, we empower you to direct and control your life.

Interested in learning more about Tutera Senior Living or finding a Tutera senior living community near you? Try our location finder tool! Or call us today at 877-988-8372 to ask questions or set up a community tour.