Importance of Medication Management

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 60% of adults between age 40 and age 70 take at least one type of prescription medication. This is not a surprising figure, given that many of the most common chronic health conditions, such as arthritis, heart disease and hypertension, disproportionately affect older adults.

In many cases, managing medications can be a matter of life or death. For others, managing medication is a preventative measure that can help reduce the effects of some medical conditions, such as pain due to arthritis. Still other seniors may take over-the-counter medication for aches and pains or to manage things like cold symptoms.

No matter the circumstances, managing medications is a critical part of health care. Not taking medications as directed can have negative repercussions, including:

  • Loss of the effectiveness of the medication
  • Adverse effects from the medication
  • Potentially dangerous reactions from mixing medications
  • Worsening of chronic conditions

For seniors living in an assisted living community, there are resources to help create a medication management care plan. However, it is helpful to understand what medication management is and to understand basic medication safety for older adults.

What is Medication Management?

Medication management is best defined as the process of overseeing the taking of medications and tracking the administration of medication within an assisted living community. At Carnegie Village Senior Living Community, residents can participate in a medication management program to help them understand their medication, properly take their medication, avoid mixing dangerous medications and watch out for side effects or drug allergies. Many medication management services in senior living communities follow the concepts of the “five Rs.” This includes:

  1. Right resident. The right person is matched with the right prescriptions.
  2. Right drug. The medication is correct and verified.
  3. Right route. The medication is taken the correct way.
  4. Right time. The medication is taken at the designated time(s).
  5. Right dose. The right amount of medication is taken.

While medication management is important for people of all ages, many older adults face more obstacles in taking their medication properly. Some barriers to seniors managing medications on their own include:

  • Memory loss
  • Challenges in attending doctor’s appointments
  • Difficulty understanding medication instructions
  • Poor eyesight for reading medication instructions

Medication management services in assisted living communities, like Carnegie Village, can help break through these barriers and ensure medications are administered safely and correctly.

Assisted Living Services

In addition to medication management, all assisted living services are designed to support residents, allowing them to maintain independence and to pursue the hobbies and activities they enjoy. Communities like The Village at Mission create a sense of community and engagement for residents and their families. The goal of assisted living services at The Village at Mission is to allow residents to make new memories, engage in favorite activities, take care of their minds, bodies and spirits and enjoy time with friends. These goals are met by maintaining the beautiful grounds and offering the following amenities:

  • Access to a family engagement app
  • Trained staff available 24 hours a day
  • Daily physical fitness, creative, social, learning and spiritual activities
  • Scheduled group trips
  • Resident-sponsored clubs for a variety of interests
  • Up to three delicious, well-balanced meals served daily (plus snacks)
  • Weekly housekeeping and daily trash removal
  • Weekly personal and linen laundry
  • Social and educational programs for families
  • Scheduled resident and family meetings
  • Gracious accommodations with a variety of floor plans
  • Maintenance of building and grounds

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