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What Does Skilled Nursing Mean?

Caring for an older adult loved one can be rewarding, invigorating, stressful and challenging. For many caregivers, the decisions that must be made are the most difficult part. One of those questions surrounds finding living arrangements for senior family members. In some cases, it is easy to tell what your loved one needs, physically, mentally and emotionally. In other cases, it is not as easy to tell what situation would be best.

While it is helpful that there are many choices in senior housing, it can also be intimidating to sort through the options. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) suggests considering many personal, financial and health-related factors when making decisions regarding living situations. For caregivers or people with elderly loved ones approaching a decision point, it can be helpful to understand the options available and the factors that play into finding the right choice for you.

Long-Term Care Facilities

If a facility is designated as a long-term care facility, that means it provides services, both personal care and medical services, to people who are no longer able to live independently. One of the services provided at a long-term care facility is skilled nursing care. So, what does skilled nursing mean? Skilled nursing care is able to be effectively and safely performed by, or under the supervision of, medical professionals. It is a type of health care given when you require specialized nursing care and you need professionals to both observe and evaluate your condition. For example, at Charlton Place Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, services are offered such as dementia management, stroke rehabilitation, post-surgical treatment and physical, occupational and speech therapy. Often, long-term care facilities are referred to as skilled nursing facilities or SNFs.

There are four types of long-term care facilities designed to provide care for seniors. They are:

  • Assisted living communities
  • Nursing homes
  • Continuing care retirement communities
  • Independent living communities

The primary difference between these types of care facilities involves how much care your loved one requires daily.

Skilled Nursing Facility vs Nursing Home

Two of the most popular types of long-term care facilities are skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes. However, the differences between the two are important to note:

Nursing Homes

These facilities provide daily care to residents. Some residents are very independent, while others may require more assistance. In many facilities, family members are allowed to take the resident on outings and to medical appointments. Nursing homes often provide services such as laundry, room cleaning, meal preparation and serving, and medication management.

Skilled Nursing Facilities

A primary difference between nursing homes and skilled nursing facilities is the level of medical care available. At SNFs, residents often receive care from physicians, registered nurses, therapists and nurse practitioners. It is common for patients to go to a SNF, like Charlton Place or Meridian Rehabilitation and Health Care Center, following a hospital stay, major health event or surgery. Some examples of these include:

  • Wound care
  • Stroke recovery
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Terminal illness
  • Memory issues

So, what is the average stay in a skilled nursing facility? Many patients who come to SNFs, like Meridian Rehabilitation or Charlton Place, for the short-term, stay for 20 days or fewer and their stay is frequently covered by Medicare.

Planning for the Future You Want

At Tutera Senior Living and Health Care skilled nursing facilities, we create care plans centered around you – your health needs, your goals and your comfort. To help you gain strength and independence, your care plan at Meridian Rehabilitation or Charlton Place will integrate the services of therapists, such as occupational, speech and physical therapists, as well as specialized physicians in the areas of neurology, physiatry, nephrology, psychiatry and gerontology.

Contact Tutera today to learn more about our skilled nursing programs and our care philosophy by calling 877-988-8372.

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