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Thrive Memory Care – Mabel’s Story

One of our signature offerings is Thrive in the Courtyard – a memory care program that provides personalized life enrichment to foster a real sense of peace and purpose. By paying close attention to the unique history and preferences of each person, we help each resident live more contently.

But what does that really mean day to day? The best way to learn how Thrive programming can help is by reading stories from real residents – like Mabel.

When Mabel Needed More Help

Mabel is a spry, social 83-year-old woman who used to live in independent living. She has a son who lives out of state and a daughter who travels for work. Mabel has been living with Alzheimer’s disease for about five years, and her friends noticed she was missing meals and having difficulty ordering off the menu. Mabel was struggling with her words, sometimes had trouble finding the dining room and started missing medication doses.

When she was in town, Mabel’s daughter noticed her mother’s difficulties with verbal skills, finding familiar locations and general increased confusion. Her daughter was worried – since her mother was feeling confused, she was becoming withdrawn and leaving her apartment less and less. The former social butterfly was barely seeing her friends and was losing weight. While Mabel’s daughter was reluctant to downsize her apartment since her home has always been such a source of pride, she decided to help transition her to memory care for her safety and well-being.

How Mabel Thrives

After about two weeks, Mabel was transformed. She quickly acclimated to her new environment with the support of the Thrive in the Courtyard program. Of course, everyone gets acclimated at their own pace – but with support from family and the Thrive team, a successful transition is more than possible.

The structure and daily routine supported her adjustment, making it easier for her to spend each day her way. And thanks to the Thrive life history survey her daughter completed, the team knew that Mabel loved to dance – so, to welcome her, they put on some big band music. Mabel’s smile lit up the room as she danced a little jig with some new friends.

Mabel’s daughter set up her new apartment prior to her move, and Mabel was delighted and comforted by seeing her belongings. She has also established new friendships with the women she dines with, often seeking them out during activities – especially morning movement and exercise programs, which are her favorite. Through the Thrive program, Mabel has more opportunities to socialize and a stable environment with features to support her independence, putting her at ease and restoring her confidence.

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