Happy senior woman exercising arms with small weights with help from a physiotherapist

Benefits of Assisted Living Communities

Acting as a family caretaker for an aging loved one is a challenging and rewarding experience. There is a lot of quality time to be spent together, but family caregivers are also tasked with finding things to make life easier for the senior in their care and with the responsibility for the health and safety of this person. For most families, the time for utilizing a family caregiver is not infinite. When the time comes to discuss if a senior may no longer be able to live independently, it can be an emotional conversation for all involved. Luckily, there is a middle ground for seniors who require some level of help with the activities of daily living, but who do not need 24-hour medical care.

Assisted living is the right solution for many families. It offers seniors independence and freedom, while providing the necessary level of support to live their lives to the fullest. So, who should consider assisted living and when? What are some features and benefits of an assisted living community? And what are the advantages of assisted living?

About Assisted Living

Assisted living communities are located all over the country. They are similar to nursing homes in that care is provided on-site 24/7; however, most assisted living residents do not require the same high level of care as nursing home patients. Similar to nursing homes, assisted living communities serve their residents for the long term, although the national average for patient stay in assisted living is three years. Residents traditionally have their own living space and are offered many opportunities for socialization and entertainment with neighbors.

It can be difficult to know when is the best time for a senior to move to an assisted living community. The health, safety and happiness of the senior should always be the top priority when making this decision. To help keep focused on those three things, here are a few points for families to discuss when determining the right time for assisted living:

  • There are safety concerns in the home
  • The senior spends a great deal of time alone
  • Managing health care issues is becoming more difficult
  • There are concerns about the senior’s diet and nutrition
  • Accidents are happening more frequently
  • Housework is neglected
  • Personal hygiene is a concern
  • Medical care is needed more often
  • Personal care tasks are becoming more difficult

Benefits of Assisted Living

Once it is determined that a senior needs to live in an environment that provides some support, it is time to find the right community. So, why move to assisted living? When asking this question, it helps to understand what a senior loved one will have access to in an assisted living community. Here are a few of the advantages of assisted living:

Social Time. Many seniors become isolated, lonely and bored in their golden years. Spending too many hours alone can be dangerous for seniors and can lead to declining health and depression. Assisted living communities dedicate numerous resources to offering socialization opportunities. From the courtyards to the common areas, the beauty salons to the dining halls, assisted living communities, like those at Tutera Senior Living, provide comfortable ways for seniors to share time with friends and family.

Help with Activities of Daily Living. In assisted living communities, safety is of utmost importance. At Tutera Senior Living, residents have the independence they need, while offering the right amount of support to keep them safe.

Healthy, Delicious Meals. For seniors living alone, cooking can be a challenge. Perhaps the meals that made sense to prepare for a family of five no longer make sense for a solo diner. Or maybe arthritis, lost muscle mass, decreased height or vision problems have taken the joy out of preparing meals. While these challenges make sense, not eating a healthy diet can lead to health consequences for seniors. Assisted living communities provide delicious meals and adapt to the dietary needs of each resident.

Ability to Stay Active. It is vitally important for seniors to remain active for their overall wellness, including their mental, emotional and physical health. In assisted living communities, seniors have access to activities ranging from gardening to games and from yoga to water aerobics. Because activities like these are available on-site, residents can easily participate on their own schedule.

Peace of Mind. For family members, it is comforting to know a senior loved one is in a safe environment. Everyone can rest easy knowing their loved one has reminders to take their medication or is receiving the meals needed to stay strong and healthy. Assisted living also removes the stress of housework, yard work and paying monthly bills.

About Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

Tutera Senior Living & Health Care communities create care plans centered around you – your health needs, your goals and your comfort. Daily activities are offered at each Tutera location, designed to help residents function as independently as possible, while offering support as needed and creating a lifestyle they love. We include family members in daily activities, medical updates and decision-making to ensure the best possible outcomes for our residents.

At Tutera Senior Living and Health Care, we understand the incredible trust it requires to allow us to care for your loved ones. Our assisted living communities are designed to help each resident retain their independence while living with the support and safety they need. In addition to keeping a focus on each senior’s social schedule and nutritional needs, the team at Tutera Senior Living provides hospitality and health care services, including:

  • Housekeeping and linen service
  • Daily fitness programs
  • Emergency response
  • Scheduled transportation to appointments
  • Medication management
  • Interior and exterior maintenance
  • Health education sessions
  • Mobility assistance

Ready to learn more about Tutera Senior Living? Contact us today with questions, to arrange a tour of a community near you or to share your needs. Want to find a Tutera community near you? Use our location finder tool to find communities nearby that meet the needs of your family.