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How to Improve Quality of Life as a Senior

As you approach your so-called “golden years” of retirement, you might be wondering what makes these years so golden? If you’re not feeling inspired as you enter your retirement phase, or you’re just looking for things to improve quality of life as a senior, look no further. Our staff at Tutera is here to offer our top five ways to improve your quality of life in retirement; read on to find out more!

Top 5 Ways to Improve Quality of Life in Retirement

  1. Prioritize Healthy Living and Allow for Assistance 

    As you get older, you’ll likely need more health care due to natural aging conditions and age-related diseases or illnesses. To avoid any complications with your health, it’s important not only to attend annual preventative care visits with your doctor, but also to prioritize a healthy lifestyle! At Carnegie Village Senior Living Community in Belton, Missouri, residents enjoy access to the yoga and fitness studios for both instructor-led classes and individual workouts. Keeping up with exercise and healthy eating habits will ensure you are in the best position for years to come.Additionally, if you are beginning to struggle with daily tasks or the activities of daily living (ADLs), allow others to help you as needed. While you might enjoy living an independent lifestyle, allowing some assistance from a friend, loved one or other caretaker can ease some of your daily anxieties and responsibilities, which will only serve to improve your quality of life. Let someone else help with a few of those more cumbersome activities like home repairs, cleaning the house or lawn care! If you aren’t interested in receiving help from another individual, look into products that improve quality of life and can help with the activities of daily living.

  2. Set Yourself Up for Financial Success 

    Along with increasing health care needs come increasing health care costs. Be sure to set yourself up for financial success now to avoid encountering financial stress down the road. Sign up for Medicare/Medicaid and speak to a financial advisor about your retirement fund options. Looking for senior housing? That can get expensive! Luckily, our experts at Tutera Senior Living & Health Care are here to help you with any financial questions you might have regarding senior living expenses.

  3. Exercise Your Mind 

    Age-related memory loss and depression? Two things you probably don’t want to deal with in the future. But how do you avoid them? Exercise! And not just physical exercise (though, as mentioned previously, physical exercise is important!) . . . exercise for your mind! Keep your brain active and engaged through various activities, such as jigsaw puzzles or learning new skills. Listen to music or meditate; or, how about taking up tai chi? Studies have shown that practicing tai chi long term can actually increase brain volume, in addition to helping alleviate stress and improving memory. At Tutera Senior Living, each of our communities offers numerous activities for both individuals and groups to help keep you on your toes – and to keep your mind sharp! For example, The Atriums Senior Living provides activity rooms for residents to make new friends and enjoy life-long hobbies with visiting family members. 

  4. Explore Your Passions and Discover Your Purpose 

    As mentioned above, it’s important to keep your mind active, and the easiest way to do that is to engage in something you’re passionate about. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you might already know what that passion is . . . but, for many who haven’t figured it out yet, the thought of exploring your passions can be overwhelming and lead to questions like, “How do I find my passion in life?” If that’s you, don’t fret: it may take some time to identify what you’re passionate about. You may have to do some mental digging and think deeply to learn what it is that makes you excited and gives you purpose. Or, you can try doing some research to make it easier on yourself with a “How Do I Find My Passion Quiz” like the one shown here! Either way, engaging in something that brings you purpose is one way to truly enhance your quality of life in retirement.

  5. Spend Time with Loved Ones and Friends 

    Finally, it’s important to be surrounded by the people you love and care about, and who care about you! Make spending time with your loved ones a priority, and call on friends who support you and share common interests. Both The Atriums and Carnegie Village provide quiet places to enjoy intimate conversations and social gathering places to host family members and friends who visit. Our communities are designed to support you and your family! 

At Tutera Senior Living, our communities are full of lively and engaging residents; come visit today and experience the welcoming and friendly atmosphere.

Enjoy Quality Care with Tutera Senior Living

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