Two Senior Women Relaxing at the Outdoor Table.

Top Independent Living Activities for Seniors in Retirement Communities

While many seniors believe they’re too young, active and healthy for an independent living community, we often hear, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?” The reasons for moving to a senior living community are many, but one that stands out is the opportunity to pursue interests, hobbies, and socialize with others.

Research consistently shows that seniors who transition to senior living communities are happier, have an increased sense of well-being and may even live longer. Living in a community combats loneliness and provides seniors an array of opportunities to socialize. This counteracts the isolation and anxiety so many seniors feel as they age.

When older adults consider moving to an independent senior living community, they think about what they may have to give up. But what residents get when they make the move is freedom – the freedom to explore new retirement interests, meet new friends, and pursue an active retirement. Even though the specific activities will be unique to each community, here are a few examples of activities for seniors in independent living.


Remaining active as you get older is crucial to successful aging. At independent living communities, there are teams to help residents discover a lifestyle of health and physical fitness, wherever they may be in their journey of wellness. Fitness classes are created using evidence-based research and are led by experienced instructors. Examples of fitness opportunities include:

  • Tai Chi
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Water aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Speed bag boxing
  • Cardio
  • Dancing
  • Fitness center
  • Tennis courts

Social activities for seniors

Surrounding yourself with people who share common interests is an important part of life. Because each community provides a variety of activities and events, you can make friends, learn new skills and challenge yourself to consistently grow. The activities calendar at a community changes daily with numerous activities, events and excursions. Residents love exploring different social opportunities, some of which include:

  • Happy hour socials
  • Excursions to parks, restaurants, museums, plays and musicals, botanical gardens, shopping and more
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Holiday parties
  • Trivia nights
  • Movie nights
  • Special-interest clubs
  • Themed dining, such as murder mystery

Pursue a new or old hobby

Because household chores are handled at an independent living community, you’ll have more free time to pick up a new hobby or get back into a favorite pastime. Even if you had to give up your prized workshop or knitting room when making the move to an independent living community, chances are, they have those amenities. Whatever you’re interested in, you can pursue it. And even if it’s not available at the community, you can express interest to the staff, who will help you determine how to pursue your interest outside of the community. Examples of what independent living communities offer include:

  • Art studio with art classes
  • Workshop for crafting and woodworking
  • Lifelong learning lectures
  • Library
  • Billiards room
  • Community garden
  • Craft room for knitting and needle work
  • Cooking & baking classes
  • Music lessons, like learning to play the ukulele
  • Theater or choir

A study by After55 asked 700 people between the ages of 50 and 89 what activities they want in a senior living community. The results reflect the examples above – an active retirement filled with diverse activities for seniors. The great thing is, the majority of communities today are listening to what residents want and are offering it. They’re modernizing their amenities and activities to keep up with the ever-changing retirement landscape.

At Tutera Senior Living Communities, there’s more to life – more friends, more fun and more opportunities to make the most of each day. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby to pursue, or to join in on a new fitness class, you’ll find it at one of our communities. And thanks to our independent living lifestyle, you’ll be free to enjoy it all at your own pace. We cater to you, what you need and the way you like it. And if that sounds like the senior living lifestyle you’ve been looking for, give us a call at 877-988-8372. We can help you find the right Tutera community that meets all of your needs.