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Senior Lifestyles and Living Options

No matter what their age, humans are as unique as snowflakes. Each person has their own likes, dislikes, hobbies, health and emotional needs and plans for the future. When it comes to senior lifestyles, those are all unique, as well. During retirement, some seniors prefer an active lifestyle, while others want to fill their time with travel or family. Today’s senior has evolved away from the one-size-fits-all model. Savvy older adults now want more control over their lives and are demanding both convenience and choice.

To help older adults create senior lifestyles they love, the Tutera Senior Living & Health Care philosophy is to create a lifestyle completely customized to each individual’s needs. It starts by asking a lot of questions when residents first move into a Tutera senior living community. The Tutera team then aims to suit each individual’s style and needs and encourage aspirations. Resident needs are at the heart of whatever we do. This is called the YOUNITE philosophy.

Every Tutera community is expertly equipped to meet the physical problems of advancing age while enhancing a resident’s sense of independence. The YOUNITE philosophy promises to focus on an individual’s unique wants, putting their preferences first. The Tutera vision is to live the YOUNITE philosophy in every decision, every day. YOUNITE is about getting to know residents and team members on a personal level – using their unique preferences and personalities as a guide.

For aging adults, it is important to be prepared to make decisions and voice their opinions when it comes to creating senior lifestyles they love.

What Services Do Seniors Need Most?

Aging is both a natural and inevitable part of life. Heading into the golden years is a moment people should embrace for what it is and the opportunities it brings; the changes and potential limitations brought on by aging are also important factors to consider.

For many older adults, keeping a sense of individuality intact often comes down to making the right choices in life enrichment and when choosing a senior living community. Knowing where help is most needed is a good strategy for staying safe, healthy and strong. So, what services do seniors need most?

Seniors want to feel connected to others and experience social engagement. A survey from the National Council on Aging discovered that seniors have a real need for connectedness. More than half of seniors nationally – 53% – indicate that being close to friends and family is important. Other factors at the top of list of senior needs include:

Maintenance and Cleaning Help.

Many older adults begin to consider moving to a senior living community when they are ready to give up the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining a home. Living in a clean, safe environment is critical for seniors, and senior living communities, like Tutera Senior Living, provide cleaning services for the private residences and common areas and outdoor maintenance for the grounds.

Mobility and Independence.

When wondering what services do seniors need most, support with mobility and maintaining independence are at the top of the list. From on-site transportation, to support with the activities of daily living and providing tools like handrails and wheelchair ramps, senior living communities like Tutera Senior Living offer residents lots of options for keeping up their active lifestyle.

Medication Management.

The aging process often brings an increase in medication use. Especially in the case of older adults with cognitive impairment, keeping track of daily medication requirements and medication changes, scheduling doctor appointments and tracking symptoms and progress can be overwhelming without support; health care services like medication management are available in many senior living communities.

Health and Nutrition Support.

Good nutrition is part of a healthy lifestyle at any age. While older adults need good nutrition to remain active and strong, many seniors report they no longer have the energy or interest for cooking. Senior living communities, like Tutera Senior Living, provide on-site dining options in various settings with nutritious, delicious meals prepared by chefs and nutritionists.

What Makes Senior Citizens Happy?

Research about happiness and aging is full of surprises. According to a recent AARP survey, although many younger Americans have a negative perception about aging, most older Americans feel good about their lives. The national study surveyed 2,601 American adults. It reported 67% of people age 60-plus are “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their lives versus 61% of people age 18-39 and 60% of those respondents age 40-59. While about half of the survey respondents age 18-39 believe it’s “normal to be depressed when you are old,” just 10% of those over age 60 feel old age is a depressing life stage.

Learning about the history, priorities and unmet needs of residents helps senior living communities like Tutera to identify the programs, amenities and services that will best support each resident’s senior lifestyle. It also helps enhance the community’s offerings for future generations of seniors who want to create their ideal senior lifestyle.

Over the years, each Tutera senior living community has fine-tuned their experience with seniors to know what motivates older people, what seniors want most and what makes senior citizens happy. But that’s not enough for today’s active, astute seniors. They have lived their lives well and have earned the right to have their demands met and their dreams supported. That’s why Tutera Senior Living communities always go the extra mile by inspiring our team members to become friends with residents and their families – to become adept at instinctively knowing each resident so well that if they forget it’s time for yoga or happy hour, we remember and offer a reminder!

About Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

At Tutera Senior Living & Health Care, we’re inspired by you. We are committed to supporting the health, happiness and life goals of our residents. We encourage our residents to chase their dreams, find new challenges and look for new adventures. Our YOUNITE philosophy promises it’s your life, and your preferences come first by:

  • Encouraging continued personal growth
  • Empowering and directing your daily living
  • Enabling your healthy-as-possible outcomes

Driven by the EmpowerMe Wellness approach to integrated care, the Tutera team delivers superior service and health care. Through EmpowerMe Wellness, residents also have access to on-site therapy services and rehabilitation, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Personal training

Ready to learn more about our Tutera Senior Living communities? You can find a community near you by using our community finder. Or we would love to answer your questions and set up a tour. Contact us today!