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Activities for Seniors and Their Families

Any month of the year is a good month to spend time with family, but time together in August is extra special! August is Family Fun Month; it is a month dedicated to the concept of setting aside time for family, focusing on those who matter most in our lives and working through the complications and challenges that come with family relationships. This is a great month to find new ways to connect with family members, even those who do not live under the same roof.

Older adults living in a senior living community gain a great many benefits from maintaining strong family relationships. And Family Fun Month is a perfect time to deepen those connections! If you want to include a senior loved one in the family festivities, this month or any time, it is helpful to know what activities will be best suited to the whole group.

Activities for Seniors

There are lots of ways for older adults to stay active and have fun. Activities that support physical health and mental abilities can even help to boost the overall health of seniors! Here are a few benefits of staying physically and mentally active in your golden years:

  • Helping to maintain motor skills
  • Reducing the risk of depression
  • Promoting self-expression and emotional connection
  • Gaining a feeling of accomplishment after completing activities
  • Maintaining a sense of independence

There are a lot of options for seniors interested in fun, engaging activities they can do on their own or with friends. Activities that keep the body moving, keep the mind working and bring new challenges are always good choices! Here are seven ideas for activities for seniors:

  1. Crafting. This is a great way to offer creative freedom with a chance to exercise those fine motor skills.
  2. Walking and exercising. Walking outdoors, taking part in a yoga class or even daily stretching on your own can keep your body healthy and improve balance.
  3. Gardening. A wonderful way to spend time outdoors, gardening offers a chance for some exercise, socialization and a sense of accomplishment.
  4. Learning. Continuing education classes are a great way to stay engaged and to keep the mind sharp.
  5. Pet therapy. At Carnegie Village Senior Living Community, pets are welcome!
  6. Music and dancing. Choir practice at The Atriums Senior Living Community is a wonderful way to share a love of music with friends.
  7. Pampering. The spa at Carnegie Village is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Residents can receive hair and nail treatments from professional staff!

Fun Things to do as a Family

When it comes to fun things to do as a family, there is no reason for older adults to be left out! At communities like The Atriums and Carnegie Village, family members are welcome to visit and participate in activities. Families can also come up with their own fun! Here are some suggestions for things to do with grandparents, parents and kids!

Puzzles and games. Cards, board games, puzzles or word games are great ways to challenge each other while keeping the spirit of family competition alive!

Nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of things to find, then go out together to explore nature and check off your list. The courtyard and walking paths at Carnegie Village are a great place to start!

Arts and crafts. Getting creative together as a group is a great way to bond. Many families enjoy putting together a family tree or making memory books using old photographs.

Read or watch a movie. Finding family connections through the telling and sharing of stories is a perfect way to relax and relate to one another.

Play yard games. Anything goes! Try playing a baseball game, catching lightning bugs, drawing with sidewalk chalk or throwing a frisbee.

Enjoy a meal together. At The Atriums, meal options are always nutritious and delicious! From community favorites to the on-site ice cream parlor, there is something to fit every craving.

Volunteer. Spending time working toward a cause is a special way to bring a family together. Look up ideas for volunteering in your local community and find opportunities available to all ages.

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