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Who Qualifies for Independent Living?

Reaching the golden years of life is a time of great change. There are many good-byes, many endings and many beginnings. There are no longer hours spent on office plans and politics, but instead time spent on hobbies and family gatherings. The freedom that comes with retirement and reaching the older adult years means there is more time to explore places and activities of your choosing.

Along with the freedom that comes with more personal time, there comes the question of how to spend that time. While many Americans retire while they are healthy and active, many older adults no longer want the responsibilities associated with home ownership. From paying bills to mowing the lawn, from shoveling snow to washing dishes, from home repairs to taking out the trash, seniors all over the U.S. are saying enough is enough! But, what are the living options available for healthy, active seniors who want to use their free time for fun instead of housework?

What Is Independent Living?

Independent living is an excellent choice for seniors who do not require daily medical assistance or help with the activities of daily living (ADLs). Independent living communities are designed to make the residents’ lives easier, allowing residents to spend their days on activities they enjoy. The services provided are not focused on medical care or daily support but are aimed at minimizing daily responsibilities. Many independent living communities, like Mission Chateau Senior Living Community, provide services such as:

  • Landscaping
  • Laundry
  • Housekeeping
  • On-site dining
  • On-site security

These amenities are all selected to make life easier and more convenient. It is also common for independent living communities to provide a social calendar of activities, such as recreational events and educational programs. At Tiffany Springs Senior Living Community and all of Tutera Senior Living & Health Care’s independent living communities, there are numerous options for fun and social gatherings! While options vary between communities, the options include things like:

  • Art studio
  • Coffee bar
  • Bistro
  • Spa
  • Salon and barbershop
  • Library
  • Movie nights
  • Pool
  • Happy hours
  • Fitness center
  • Restaurant-style dining

Who Qualifies For Independent Living?

So, who qualifies for independent living? Independent living communities are open to individuals or couples age 55 and over. While housing types vary between communities, there are no other requirements for residency! So, the real question becomes – is independent living right for you? Here are some questions to ask to help make a decision:

  • Do you struggle to maintain your current home? While owning a home may be a source of pride, it can also become a burden as the years go by. If cleaning the gutters, raking leaves and making repairs is no longer enjoyable, it may be time for independent living.
  • Is it harder to connect with family and friends? Isolation poses great risks for seniors, both in terms of physical health and mental health. Independent living communities can help older adults to build a network of peers, while also offering structured activities, continuing education and transportation to community events.
  • How easy is it to get around town? Driving to social engagements, running errands, attending appointments and visiting friends all become more difficult when you are no longer comfortable driving. Relying on public transportation works better in some areas than others, and it can be hard to always rely on family and friends. Independent living communities often offer not only on-site amenities, but also transportation as needed.
  • How is your health, or that of your spouse? Thinking about both current and future needs helps with planning ahead. Many independent living communities have connections with communities that offer a higher level of care, so the move is simple and straightforward, when the time comes.

About Tutera Senior Living & Health Care

Tutera Senior Living & Health Care independent living offers each resident a stress-free, worry-free lifestyle in a beautifully maintained community surrounded by peers and friends. Driven by the EmpowerMe Wellness approach to integrated care, the Tutera team delivers superior service and health care. Through EmpowerMe Wellness, residents also have access to on-site therapy services and rehabilitation, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Personal training

Interested in finding a Tutera Senior Living community near you? Our location finder tool can do just that! Have questions about independent living or any other services offered by Tutera? We would love to answer give you answers! Contact us today!

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